Tyler Strickland

Programming Languages:
Java, C++, JavaScript, HTML(5), C#
  A programer from the mountains of North Carolina, I have particular interest in server-side and client-side web development as well as an interest in game development. I love to learn the latest in programming, currently I'm learning about Apple's Swift language, and playing around with HTML5. I have also created and edited videos using Final Cut. For more info, check out the about section.

About Tyler Strickland

Welcome to my site!

Hi, I'm Tyler Strickland, and this site is a host of my projects, past and current. Please have a look around! For more about me, click the button above. Thank you for your time.

About Me...

A programer from the mountains of North Carolina, I have particular interest in server-side and client-side web development as well as an interest in game development. I love to learn the latest in programming, currently I'm learning about Apple's Swift language, and playing around with HTML5. I have also created and edited videos using Final Cut. I consider this a hobby, but have been asked to create videos for the community and local organizations. Some of my other hobbies: I love music, animation, and video games. I've had a fondness of all three all of my life. I've lived in the mountains of North Carolina all of my life and have a soft spot for animals, especially dogs. Feel free to contact me for more information! I'll be happy to hear from you...

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Want to ask me a question? Need a website? Need a video for a project or organization? Send me an email! Please put in your name, email, subject and prefered contact. And if you prefer social media, that's perfectly fine! You can reach me on...

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  • Web App projects

    A simple randomizer

      As the title implies, this is a simple randomizer I developed in 2015 out of necessity and curiosty.
      I developed it in a few hours to have ready for small group of friends. I wanted to randomly group them into teams for some games. That's where the necessity came from. Built with Twitter Bootstrap and JavaScript.

    Web Sites I've built

    The Bit Station

      The Bit Station is a retail e-commerce store that brings retro independant video games (video games for consoles Sega Dreamcast and prior) together in one convenient place.
      I built the store from the ground up using Zurb Foundation 6. The site uses a third party store and cart processing system (Ecwid). Also, the store uses a blog system, so the store uses a jQuery app that processes the Wordpress blog in realtime and parses it to the homepage. I adapted this app to work more for what the client requested. I also designed the logo and cconstructed most of the image (using GIMP photo editor)
      I'm currently the web administrator, and I manage the Ecwid app.

    Kim Hobart Ministries

      This is a website for Kim Hobart, a minister at The Bridge Church. She published her book and wanted a website to educate readers about her ministy and projects. 
    The site uses Bootstrap. I adapted the same blog reading jQuery I used for The Bit Station, on this site, since Mrs. Hobart uses a blog frequently. The client requested a very simple website, but with a theme to match her book.  
    Currently, the site is under review. Mrs. Hobart has contacted me again to revamp her site and add more features, such as a type of video widget and a place to advertise her book reading.

    The Bridge Church - countdown page

    The Bridge Church of WNC contacted me and told me they needed a system in place to help bring attandants to the sanctuary when time for service to begin. They said they needed a type of counter that would play in the halls. Not long after that, they informed me of another project they needed, a system to display upcoming events before and after service. This was my solution. I decided to create in JavaScript a count down to every Sunday at 10:30AM. It also uses the videjQuery plugi that allows video as background. Since it uses a countdown, I use that to refresh from server every 1 hour. On Sundays, at 10:30 AM, this directs the page to let attendants know service is beginning, and restarts the time. This whole thing is fully automatic. The user just needs to update the video once per month. I cannot display the video portion in this frame due to the performance of this site. The video is meant to be played on 720p and 1080p screens. Please see it in action here...)


    Game Development projects

    Protoype Action Role Playing Game/Platformer

    Tentatively called Albatross, this was my senior capstone project at UNC Asheville. I was given the opportunity to present this game at the National Conference of Undergraduate Research (NCUR), and because of that feat, my research with this game and the user testing I performed is being published in the NCUR scholarly journal.

    This game was programed in Unity and features a penalty game mechanic I like to call "The Burden System." It can detect if you kill an enemy on purpose. You can choose to ignore the enemy and get some experience with the penalty of literally being burdened by it, or you can skip them, and that way get more experience and money. The EXP system is fully functional with the ability to buy upgrades to stats as well. The link takes you to the download page. (Windows, OSX, Linux).

    #LineGame: An educational Web game that helps build number line skills as well as build skills in solving math quickly in one's head.

    #LineGame is a game I collaborated with using pixiJS, a JavaScript-based web rendering system. The game was developed to help elementary students with number lines in a fun, competitive environemnt. The game supports a global high score system with a system in place to prevent abuse in the name roster. This game was a blast to create and the team was great to work with too. Credits on the game page.

    Carolina River Ride; another eudcational game

    Carolina River Ride is another game I collaborated with this time using Unity. The game was developed to help a history student give an incetive to read their studies. The game has required reading and the player was quized on it as they floated down the river. Sadly, I'm not sure where the "required reading" is as that was mangaged by the student, but the player can guess, anyway. Credits on the game page.

    Another Space SHMUP

    I created this game on my own. This is a basic space shoot'em up (SHMUP) using the Unity 4.6 engine.

    A Game of Bartok

    I created this game on my own. This is Bartok, a card game where the winner of each round invents a new rule which must be obeyed for the remainder of the game. This also uses the Unity 4.6 engine.

    Manic Mouse, an Angry Birds clone

    I created this game on my own. This is just a simple Angry Birds clone, but with a mouse, I was just getting my feet wet with Unity at the time. Uses the Unity 4.6 engine.

    Apple Picker, a Breakout clone

    I created this game on my own. My first game I developed with Unity. And it shows... Using the Unity engine 4.6.


    Logos, images, and noteable video projects

    Graphics created

    For The Bit Station. I created these graphics based on their company. The company is a retail e-commerce site that delivers high quality video games for "retro" video game consoles. The point is to bring awareness to "retro indie games". These were originally done in the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP), but was recently reworked in Adobe Illustrator. Which all these logos are done in currently.

    For The Bit Station. The business was need a tagline to attach to future videos and social media promotions. This was designed by myself and created in Adobe Illustrator.

    For The Bit Station. A small logo to tag onto social media platforms.

    For the Bridge Church of WNC's Fast Food ministry. I just finished this and their going to begin using it on their site and video projects. The site is currently in production.

    For The Bridge Church of WNC. The church was needing a logo similar to a their main logo to put on the end of their video productions. I created this in Illustrator.

    Published Videos

    Fraiser Fir Promotional video

    A member of Avery County Christmas Tree Association requested I make a video promoting the work that goes into growing a fraiser fir. I edited the video and mixed the sound.


    A drama teacher at Tri-County Christian School had contacted me to help make a video with their students with this play they wrote. The play was to be done in a story book, with some minor stop-motion elements. The video was done using photos, and the photos being edited to be like a drawing. I also mixed the sound and recorded the narration and music.